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Clock Gears

How can I help?

The conditions listed below rarely come alone. Our body's are like complex clockworks, where each part is a cog spinning and turning, whilst affecting other parts. When one part stops working properly, very often we'll find that there are more parts out of wack.


ADHD is a neurological condition, with many symptoms. Whether you chose to medicate or not, there are a lot of adjustments we can do to support you and ensure a higher quality of life.


Often seen together with ADHD or autism, but may also be experienced on their own. These disorders are symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system and can be supported naturally.

Chronic fatigue/burn-out

Being beyond exhausted for more than just a few days, or regularly, indicate burn-out. If it's not treated, it may develop into chronic fatigue. These states of exhaustion are very treatable with naturopathy.


Autism is also a neurological condition, which presents differently in everyone. There are a lot of ways to reduce the negative impact of autism, to allow you to better manage your brain and life.


This transitional period in a woman's life can be described as a reverse puberty, as our body's try to adjust to lowering hormone levels. I can support you!

HTMA - testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, is a test that provides us with your biochemical baseline. Whilst blood tests show what is being transported the minute the blood is being drawn. HTMA shows what is stored and used in the cells.

What Our Clients Say

shayli testamonial_edited.jpg

Shayli, 30

"I just want to thank you Caroline for helping me regain my energy and motivation for life again!

Since working with Caroline and the nutritional supplements she has prescribed has made such a huge difference in my every day energy levels and overall happiness. 
I love that Caroline knows so much about neurodiversity and exactly what I'm lacking to target the areas I was really struggling with. 

I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Caroline if you are struggling with not feeling 100 percent as she will definetley get you there!

Thank you again Caroline. You are amazing ❤️"

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