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Books and podcasts

I believe in the power of knowledge and inspiration. That's why I am writing books.

I love education, and the best way to share my knowledge is to write a book, because it's so easy to share. Please download, and share with your friends!


I have also curated a selection of podcasts that are both inspirational and informative for my clients. This podcast selection covers topics of nutrition and health from a neurodivergent perspectives. I hope these podcasts will help you find the inspiration and knowledge you need for a healthier lifestyle.

ADHD explained, for kids

So many parents I speak with, don't know how to explain ADHD to their children. This book is for those parents, and all the kids with ADHD.

AHDH explained

This book explains the basics of ADHD and how it works in the brain. So many of you, who have seen me in clinic, tell me that you learn more from my Insta account than the Drs. This has inspired me to write this book.

See below for my favourite neurodivergent podcasts

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