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How I can help


ADHD is a neurological condition, with many symptoms. They are caused by an imbalance in the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. With natural support for your nervous system and nutrients to help your body build more of these important messengers, you can live a more balanced life.


Autism is also a neurological condition, which presents differently in everyone. Overwhelm and sometimes aggressive behaviour is often found to be a problem for autistic people (especially children). This is due to our brains poorly handling all the input we get all day. I can help you regulate your emotions better by supporting your nervous system.

Sleep (stimulants??)

If you have ADHD, stimulants is often the first medication offered to you. Whether you chose to medicate or not, sleep is commonly an issue for both adults and children. Sleep issues are caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters. I can help your body get a good nights sleep again.


Dopamine and oestrogen have a complicated relationship. In fact both progesterone and oestrogen modulates how our neurotransmitters work in the brain. Many women experience mood related problems in the week, or weeks, leading up to their period. It's very common for ADHD ladies, because of this relationship with dopamine. If you experience any problems with your cycle I can help.

Burn-out/chronic fatigue

Being beyond exhausted for more than just a few days, or regularly, indicate burn-out. If it's not treated, it may develop into chronic fatigue. These states of exhaustion are very common in neurodivergent persons, adults and children. We are exposed to so much stress, just going through our everyday life. I can help you recover.


Often seen together with ADHD or autism, but may also be experienced on their own. These disorders are symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system and can be supported naturally.


Contrary to belief, endometriosis is not only a hormonal disorder. It also involves immune dysfunction and high levels of inflammation. There is a link between ADHD and endometriosis, and I believe it is due to the inflammation. Any chronic inflammation in the body will have an impact on our brain, our mood and our mental health.


This transitional period in a woman's life can be described as a reverse puberty, as our body's try to adjust to lowering hormone levels. Often women get diagnosed as neurodivergents in this stage of life. As the fatigue we experience reduces our ability to mask and pretend to fit in to normative behaviour.

HTMA – testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, is a test that provides us with your biochemical baseline. Whilst blood tests show what is being transported the minute the blood is being drawn. HTMA shows what is stored and used in the cells.

My treatments are always personalised, I don't believe in protocols. Every person who comes to my clinic will have their own thorough analysis done, which will result in a treatment plan. Our plan to make you feel better. 

There will be homework, things for you to do, habits to change and perhaps diets to change.

Often I prescribe nutrients and sometimes I support the treatment with herbs. I want to make sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to perform the functions we want to perform.

When we work together to enhance your body's biochemistry, through nutrients and improved diet. You may see an improvements in how any medications you take, are working. This is particularly important for ADHDers who are on stimulants, and think they are "just not working as well anymore". Maybe it's your body which has run out of building blocks for neurotransmitter, because you went through a very stressful time and now your body is tired and needs a top up... 

Take the guess work out of all this, and book in and see me. Start with a Free 15min discovery call, if you want to have a chat and see if we are a good fit.

Or click here and book in now, to change your life!

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