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About me and how I work

Lab Work

My Passion

I am most passionate about working with neurodivergent persons who struggle with sleep and emotional and physical regulation such as hyperactivity, aggression and inattention, to assist them to achieve exceptional quality of life. I do this through providing individual 1:1 consultations both online and face to face. 

There is nothing better than hearing a client tell me how much better they feel. 

My speciality

I prefer to work with nutrients such as amino acids and minerals. These are largely flavourless, and I spealise in making up individualised compounds for my clients, which will target your particular problem. Every brain is different and the same treatment will not always work for every person with ADHD or autism.


I have a 4 year science degree and graduated with a Distinction. Biochemistry underpins all my work in clinic, as I am passionate about restoring you, my client, to your ultimate health.  It is my firm belief that we have individual nutritional profiles. Without restoring that underlying biochemistry, herbs and pharmaceutical medication alike, will struggle to support optimal function.

The Process

We will have a lengthy interview to determine what your core struggles are, and what may cause them. Following that, depending on your symptoms, and how well your body responds to the treatment, we may do some testing. My favourite test is HTMA, as it is completely non-invasive. It requires a small amount of hair, and most ND children can tolerate this test. It also provides the most detailed information about their biochemical profile. This enables me to maximise their treatment.

(I am also a massive fan of photography, and I have taken all the beach photos on this website.)

Donating Blood
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