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Your Free e-books on ADHD

Hi, I'm Caroline Kennedy from The Neurodivergent Naturopath. Thank you for your interest in my Free e-books on ADHD.


My first book was written to educate ADHDers on the basics of ADHD and only lightly touches on the science behind our magnificent brains. Then I realised that children also need a book to understand AHDH. So, there was my second book :)

Click the button to download.

Free e-book for kids

So many parents I speak with, don't know how to explain ADHD to their children. This book is for those parents, and all the kids with ADHD.

Written in a neuroaffirmative language, this book explains exactly what is going on in their brains, and why we should celebrate it!

ADHD for kids Free e-book front.png

My Story

If you don't already know me, I'm a naturopath who is autistic and has ADHD. I also have a science degree which I graduated with Distinction.

(I hyper-focused through my degree, hehe)


My passion is working with neurodivergent persons who struggle with sleep or emotional and physical regulation such as hyper-activity, aggression and inattention, to assist them to achieve exceptional quality of life.


Every day in clinic my clients tell me they learn so much from me. Important things, like how our brains are different to neurotypicals and why we get overwhelmed and sometimes angry.


Parents that haven't had a chance to ask their Drs, what does ADHD or autism actually mean to their child, and their family? What will their child's future look like? Can we manage all this naturally?


All this and more will be presented to you in bite sized chunks in my coming program. I want to deliver a program which will empower you, and also hold you accountable for your development as an informed neurodivergent family.


The program will also include sessions with me, where you will receive individual supplements and follow ups, to ensure you are on the right track. If you want to make sure you get the updates, click subscribe below.


In the meantime you can join my Open Facebook Group, where I will be sharing information and hold Facebook lives. Click here


Welcome to my community, I can't wait to work with you.

Speak soon!

Warm Regards, Caroline

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