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Hi, I'm Caroline Kennedy a

science-based Naturopath living with ADHD and autism.

I am most passionate about working with neurodivergent families who struggle with sleep or emotional and physical regulation such as hyper-activity, aggression and inattention, to assist you to achieve exceptional quality of life.

What is a "science-based" Naturopath? That's my way of saying I use evidence based medicine in my practice. Read more


Sunshine Coast Neurodivergent Conference

You are invited to

On 2nd March 2024

This was an amazing experience, and I loved educating the community about the amazing neurodivergent brain, and how we can support the health and well-being of all of the ND community. The session was recorded and will be available for purchase through the organisation. 

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Client feedback

grateful client at The neurodivergent naturopath

I just want to thank you Caroline for helping me regain my energy and motivation for life again!


Since working with Caroline and the nutritional supplements she has prescribed has made such a huge difference in my every day energy levels and overall happiness. 


I love that Caroline knows so much about neurodiversity and exactly what I'm lacking to target the areas I was really struggling with. 


I would highly reccomend anyone to go and see Caroline if you are struggling with not feeling 100 percent as she will deffinetley get you there!


Thank you again Caroline. You are amazing ❤️

Shayli, 30


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